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One-on-one sessions are customized to meet your needs and keep you motivated in the gym. I will work with you to design a dynamic program while focusing on performance and technique to reach your goals and feel confident in the gym. 

Located at Iron Alley, a boutique gym facility in Surrey, BC.


Great trainer! Always willing to listen and help you to move to your next goal. Friendly, passionate and knowledgeable about many topic of fitness, healthy eating and mental growth. Totally recommend Anna!

Bettina Obadia

I met Anna back in 2019 and trained with her for close to year. I had to stop because of personal reasons, but jumped on the chance to train with her again last year! Anna doesnt just train, but also teaches. She is all about helping you reach your goals in the gym and in your everyday life. If you’re not training with Anna, what are you doing with your life??

Rebecca David

I have been training with Anna for almost ten years and I would be lost without her (legit lol). She is always challenging me with new programs and pushing me to do my best, while still having enough fun that the sessions fly by! I will be forever grateful for the strength and confidence I have gained working with her 🏋🏻‍♀️💕

Shannon Reid


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