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Training options that fit your goals and schedule

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One-on-one Training

One-on-one sessions are customized to meet your needs and keep you motivated in the gym. I will work with you to design a dynamic program while focusing on form and function to minimize injury risk. Working with ANNAMAL FITNESS means reaching your goals faster and having the support to stay on track. With a wide range of experience and knowledge, I am able to provide high-quality training to all my clients, from strength and conditioning, to mass building or weight loss.

Group Classes

Small group classes are a great way to exercise with friends or meet new people with similar goals. Classes are upbeat and made to engage your whole body with compound moves that get your metabolism revved up. Cheer each other on and be a part of each other's successes! Each class will utilize different training techniques or exercises to keep you interested and challenged. Classes include warm-up and cool-down stretches so you leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the day.

Group Stretch & Relaxation

Building your dream body also means taking the time to work on flexibility and the mobility of those hard-earned muscles. Come join me for a Stretch and Relaxation class, where we will slowly move through a mixture of stretches and yoga poses to release those tight muscles. This is a great time to destress after a long weekday or dedicate some weekend time for yourself. Supple muscles mean a better range of motion both in the gym and for daily activities, reducing pain and stiffness throughout the day.

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