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Private Sessions
One-on-one training - my undivided attention.


$85 - single session

$640- 8 sessions
$1200- 16 sessions

Group Classes
Group Training rates depend on size of group.
Please contact me for more details.
Contact me for your evaluation session today!

At ANNAMAL FITNESS I strive to create a gym where everyone feels welcome; where exercise can become something you look forward to. We are passionate about creating long-term lifestyle changes that you can feel good about and see lasting changes with. The path to healthy living is much more than just the destination, so let me show you how to love the journey and celebrate each victory together.

Choosing to train with ANNAMAL FITNESS means unlimited support and guidance during your fitness journey. I'll be there to motivate you on the hard days, and celebrate during every success, big or small. Whether it's receiving emails with new healthy recipes or daily program check-ins, I will ensure you have every tool you need to get the body and health you strive for.

Too busy to come to me? I'll come to you! In-home training available.
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